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Rental Policy


Rental Policy 

  1. The Applicant must confine sports activities to the locations and times specified in the Reservation Agreement.

  2. The Applicant must provide adequate supervision of all players on the fields. Misuse of the facility or failure to conform to the regulations will be sufficient reason to deny any future application.

  3. Admission tickets, refreshments or any other articles may not be sold or offered for sale within or adjacent to any park area without the prior written authorization from PublixVSTC.

  4. Pamphlets, handbills or advertising material of any kind may not be posted, placed or distributed without the prior written authorization from PublixVSTC. In addition, PublixVSTC reserves the right to place PublixVSTC sponsor signage on fields and any other area of the facility. PublixVSTC also reserves the right to allow PublixVSTC sponsor advertising materials and street teams on the property during any rental event. PublixVSTC also reserves the right (but is not obligated to) sell PublixVSTC and VYSA merchandise at any event held at PublixVSTC

  5. No more than 42 Adult or 84 Youth participants on any one field at any given time.

  6. The permit/reservation is revocable at any time at the discretion of PublixVSTC. The reasons for revocation include, but are not limited to, 

    providing incorrect information on an application form

    failure to adhere to the rules and regulations of PVSTC

    the use of a permit issued to a youth organization by adults

    field time is non-transferable and may not be used for any activity other than what  is outlined in the rental agreement

    failure to adhere to the payment schedule outlined in the Reservation Agreement


  7. PublixVSTC operates on a delay first, cancel second, policy pertaining to field closures due to maintenance or inclement weather. If fields are evacuated due to weather, the renters must get out of the park and to their car immediately

  8. PublixVSTC operates a NO REFUND policy. In no event shall the Applicant be entitled to any deposit refund of any collected deposits should any tournament, practice, game, camp or clinic, activity, engagement or other use of PublixVSTC is canceled by the renter. However, that if cancellation is due to inclement weather or necessary maintenance and an immediate field and replacement is not offered, and such Reservation is rescheduled by agreement of both parties, any collected Fees shall be applied to the Fees for such rescheduled event within the calendar year. For tournaments, if PublixVSTC cancels for any reason other than a breach of the reservation contract by renter or failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions by the renter, a full refund of rental fees will be made up to the number of cancelled hours. PublixVSTC reserves the right to close any or all of the fields at the facility for any reason including weather, poor field conditions, or other reasons that in the opinion of PublixVSTC would pose a danger to participants and/or damage the fields themselves. If PublixVSTC closes the fields, the refund policy as noted above would be in effect.

  9. PublixVSTC reserves the right to charge for parking and the Applicant is not entitled to any royalties.

  10. All users within the facility are required to maintain a clean Park environment. This includes cleanliness during each rental and prior to facility departure at the conclusion of each event. Park staff will assist in keeping fresh trash bags within Park trash cans. It is the responsibility of the renting party, however, to ensure trash makes its way from the ground to the cans. Users are encouraged to meet with Park staff prior to departure to ensure an adequate Park presentation and limit the potential of a cleaning fee. PublixVSTC reserves the right to assess a minimum $200 cleaning fee per field following each rental if additional cleaning is required. Both the assessment and magnitude of this penalty are at the discretion of the PublixVSTC Operations Manager.

  11. PublixVSTC provides field status (weather and closure) information via Field status information is also available by following VYSA on Twitter and Facebook.

  12. The Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center (PublixVSTC) may require the services of a Certified Athletic Trainer (CAT) during contact events and/or tournaments. These events include - but are not limited to – Soccer, M/W Rugby competitions, Men's Lacrosse competitions, American style football competitions, and other events or activities as deemed appropriate by VSTC administration. CATs must physically meet with Park staff upon arrival and be present within eyesight of the place space at all times. Absence of a required CAT during any time shall result in the immediate suspension of the activity. All CATs shall provide a medical kit deemed sufficient by Park staff. Required items include bandages, splints, coolers, ice bags, and other injury related equipment in sufficient quantity. Specific questions regarding required items may be directed to PublixVSTC administration in advance.

  13. THIS IS NOT A PERMIT. PublixVSTC will provide a Reservation Agreement, Payment Schedule and Full Terms and Conditions for execution for approved applications within 7 days of receipt.

  14. All Youth soccer tournament rentals require that the tournament be sanctioned by VYSA and open to USYSA players in accordance with USSF regulations.

  15. The Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center reserves the right to revoke, postpone, or change the privileges granted to clients after the reservation process is completed if the Applicant breaches contract or for reasons related to field conditions as noted in item #8.

Through signing the Reservation Application the Applicant confirms that they have read and understood the Reservation Terms and the information provided is accurate.


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